Gum Disease vs Heart Disease – World Heart Day

Over the last decades research has proven more and more that there are direct as well as indirect associations of periodontitis (gum disease) and cardiovascular or heart disease.

The odds of having a heart attack increase up to four times (!!!) with the severity of periodontal disease.

The oral bacteria that can cause gum disease (so called periodontal bacteria) have been found in blood clots in the heart. Some of these bacteria are even capable of invading the wall of the blood vessels, triggering an inflammatory response by the body which can damage the vessel and lead to its congestion also.

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Furthermore, oral bacteria are responsible for roughly 50% of so-called endocarditis (an infection of the inner lining of the heart), which in rare cases can even lead to death.

Science has shown us that all of the above risks, caused by bacteria in the blood stream, can be reduced by thoroughly treating gum disease, thus removing a burden of toxic load from your body’s immune system and improving and/or protecting your health.

When you see signs of gum disease (bleeding, swelling, a sore mouth, tooth loosening, tooth migration etc.) have your gums checked to be on the safe side!  If you’ d like to have a gum check, please call the practice on 022 900 15 96 or email


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