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Electric Scooters and Your Teeth – How Happy?

Electric scooters and your teeth – how happy?

You may have noticed that electric scooters have become more popular lately. You may even plan to acquire one!

They allow people to move quickly, freely and ecologically. The perfect representation of modern day mobility.

Another very important point is that they create a lot of work for your dentist, who you might be seeing very soon after your purchase.

Every modern scooter is, even if you are wearing an open helmet, a potential accident in the making. A fall often involves damage to the upper and lower incisors of the scooter rider.

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Electric or not, a scooter requires a little precaution on your part: A mouthguard!

You will be less exposed to dental damage in case of fall with a mouthguard… without teeth.

Think about it with the purchase of a scooter, mouthguards are also available for children, but must be adapted regularly as the child grows.


If you wish to make an appointment for a mouthguard, for either scooter riding or any other sports, please call the practice on 022 900 15 96 to make an appointment.



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