Dental replacements: prostheses

What is a dental prosthesis?

Prostheses are a simple, effective and economical solution for replacing missing teeth either completely or partially.

Also known as dental appliances, they must be removed every day for cleaning. They are made from resin by expert dental technicians. If the teeth still in place can provide sufficient anchorage, a metal frame may be preferable, in order to distribute the chewing load more evenly.

Removable prostheses can be used as quick replacements for several teeth and provide enough of a chewing function for everyday eating. They can be used in tandem with dental implants to make them more stable and improve their usability. This would avoid the necessity for a fixed prosthesis and make mealtimes considerably more comfortable.

Once they’ve settled, dental prostheses require specific follow-up care, in terms of hygiene and adjustments. Regular check-ups are recommended to assess their stability and, if necessary, to adjust them.